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Find out who is running

Board of Education Candidates

Who is on your ballot?

Why Are they running?

Never know who the Board of Education candidates are on your ballot? Can’t find information about who they are and what they stand for? For the 2024 school board elections, we will list candidates whose value align with ours and agree to the Pledge below.

Stay tuned for the April 2024 school board candidates.


The Pledge

I support public schools and in protecting public education for all kids.

I support our teachers.

I do not support book censorship/banning.

I support our LGBTQ+ students.

Our Common Goals


You want a community that is welcoming and caring. We care about our every student and we want to collaborate to do the best for all of our students. This means being inclusive of all, welcoming diversity, and ensuring not just equality but equity also.


You want capable and kind people making educational decisions for all of our kids. Our skillsets, experiences, and expertise will put our students’ success at the forefront.


You want to trust that the BOE can work together with decency and respect. Based on our values, trust us to do the work instead of engaging in sidebars or side shows.